Annual accounts are necessary to keep you compliant with regulatory requirements and the tax authorities, but they can provide you with much much more.

The process of preparing accounts can often reveal tax, payroll or other management issues that we can work with you before they become a problem. Further more, professionally prepared accounts can provide a level of assurance to financiers, investors and other statutory bodies that the finances of the business or organisation in question are sound.

Having a good set of accounts allows you to understand exactly where your business stands and gives you the confidence to plan ahead.

At ellyss we;

  • believe in getting to know our clients and their businesses.
  • aim to prepare your annual accounts in a way that can provide you and your business a vital tool to aid forward planning and decision making.
  • are ideally placed to prepare and interpret your accounts in the sector which you operate.
  • will time our accounts production so that early tax planning opportunities can be taken advantage of.
  • will identify and suggest ways in which the operations and profits maybe improved.

management accounts

Efficient book keeping is crucial to keeping financial stability and understanding business performance.
Having current management accounts can also be a valuable tool when you are looking to source new business finance.

At ellyss we;

  • can prepare and review with you your management accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • can also offer management accounting services to provide information in other key areas, including;
    • Key Performance Indicators for your sector (KPI)
    • Profitability
    • Cash flow
    • Credits control
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